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29 May, 2007

Agent Scarecrow

The latest offering from JohnnyBDesign is Agent Scarecrow, a nice little Point and Click about mistaken identity, thugs and intrigue. Some nice, simple graphics and some fairly logical puzzles. There is even some fighting gameplay for those action game fans out there. Have played the Jack French games from the same author and these are also worth checking out. The voice acting is always my favourite part. Speaking of parts, this is Part one of three.

It's all the rage

This weekend Ms. Click and I decided to see the most promising sequel of the summer season. No it wasn't Shrek, or Pirates OTC, it was the intense, virus-ridden, human-biting, brutal world that is 28 Weeks Later. Having seen 28 Days Later several years previous I was a little worried that this would affect my experience. I had nothing to worry about. The film is set in England after the RAGE virus has almost died out (see the first movie). The Isle of Dogs has been declared a safe zone and residents are being moved back to England to begin their life a-new - RAGE free...or so they think. Although a shortish film (90 mins) it is crammed full of chases, guns, panic, terror and an Olympic swimming pool amount of blood. I have to say that I was very impressed by the whole movie. Some great camera techniques, amazing scenes of an empty London, a decent plot and script, good acting, and sound track (am still singing that theme in my head). I'm not much of a horror fan but I recommend this flick to anyone wanting to see a decent, original Horror-Thriller this summer.

Warning for this film: Some eye-gouging. (Eye-gouging is not enjoyed by this reviewer)

Rating: 8/10

24 May, 2007

First Post - Mystery Holes

"This mysterious mind-baffling Mystery Hole was unclosed for public view around the middle of the year 1973, and is probably the best kept secret in WEST VIRGINIA or maybe in the whole U.S.A., ... no one really knows for sure"

Not being a WV native, I've much to learn about the state and the places of interest. Today, I am told of a new one. The Mystery Hole. The name itself is enough to make me want to visit. Apparently, it is so mysterious that the new term "mind-baffling" was invented just to describe the place. The website is a delight to read through and I can't recommend it highly enough. Especially if you enjoy such phrases as: "Alpha and Omega of Mystery Holes", "(a) lonely void where only vacuum dares to tread" and "experience the Law of Gravity in action."

Why waste time experiencing gravity at home when you can see it at the mystery hole? I wonder if the mystery machine is there...