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23 February, 2010

More wikianswers

I just couldn't resist clicking "Recent Activity" and sharing some more questions that we are all dying to know the answer to such as:

Will you get high if you shoot suboxone?
(Ah, the considerate drug taker takes time out to check that he's not wasting his time.)

How much does 16 ounces weigh
(hmm...about 15 ounces but a bit more?)

What is happening to the earth forests
(I demand to know! Someone better own up!)

How much wood would a catnip joke troubles with water in the joke Which time would as you not ask him not to do I hard try to talk here in english sorry
(I hard try to understand in English also, sorry).

What year was Dick a dum dum by des oconnor released
(This one just made me laugh for so many reasons but couldn't the poster have just put this in the google search bar instead??)

Why is a tattoo permanent and suntan not
(I can just imagine this person holding a skull stencil on their arm outside on a hot day)

And finally...

How can you not ejaculate early
(Actual Answer:"When your drilling your girlfriend just pretend shes your mother")


The Internet has such a wealth of information. I remember even just a few years ago it was often difficult to find answers to problems ranging from plumbing issues to car repair. Back in England I remember struggling particularly with a leaky faucet and I had to sign up to a forum and wait for plumbers to return my question. These days most questions I have about such things are already asked and answer, especially when it comes to video games or visa issues (not the mastercard rival...though probably that too). A website that is often awful at answering questions, however, is wikianswers. I never have any luck there and usually get a much better answer at Yahoo answers. I did find this awesome question though today on wikianswers. I can't wait to click on it and find out the answer...

What happens to a person who marries someone knowing that person is already married?

Let's find out!

If you see any other great questions being asked please share and we can all have a good chortle together!

17 February, 2010


Just before the second round of snow kicked in this evening we decided to pop out to get some air and catch "Wolfman" a Werewolf tale set in Olde England. Well, not that Olde but pretty old. It's actually a pretty scary film, with genuine scares; Not just the old trick of cranking up the volume to deafening levels whenever a door opens slightly or a bat farts or a butterfly flaps it's wings. It was actually pretty graphically bloody and gory so it was a real shame a dad decided to bring his two young boys in the theater to scar them for life.

Overall a fun scary romp. Best watched with the lights out.

12 February, 2010

Last Chance Harvey

We were in the mood for a movie last night and while my last DVD was on it's way to Netflix (which seems to take longer and longer these days) we decided to check out this Romantic umm comedy/drama from last year. It was free after all and I had a humidifier to put together.

It stars Dustin Hoffman as a yank heading off to London to attend his daughter's wedding and Emma Thompson as a lovely Brit with a perfect speaking voice for...getting people to answer surveys at airports, and speaking to her mother a lot on the phone.
Hoffman is down on his luck and while trying to cheer himself up in the airport bar runs into Emma Thompson who is also trying to raise her spirits from the seemingly boring and frustrating life she leads. It's a sweet moment as they talk and flirt like mature adults and the story continues from there, following them both over two days as they help each other see past their problems.

As Ms. Allclick made note of, it's a mature movie aimed at older audiences and a type of movie that doesn't get as much attention today as it should, due presumably to it's lack of CGI and jokes about drug taking, being naked, throwing up, or stealing Mike Tyson's tiger.

It was a movie that serves as a nice break from the last few I've seen (Trick R treat, Whiteout, Daybreakers) and certainly a good choice for valentines day.

Be prepared to perpetually ask "How tall is Dustin Hoffman again?".

04 February, 2010

Today's events

Courtesy of here are today's events in our region:
Hope you like Zumba!

Lottery Scratch Card secrets revealed!

Yes folks, here it is! The biggest secret in the world of lottery scratch cards...

The Odds...are on the back!!!

Yes, that's right, on the back of the cards it tells you the odds of winning! Hehe!! Now we can all win!!

In case you didn't know there was some sarcasm in the above statements. It is true, however, that the odds are on there. It's also true that every gas station employee in a 5 mile area of my house has never noticed this.

A few days ago I went in to purchase some and as usual I was misunderstood...

Me:..and can I get some scratch cards please? Can you pick out the ones with the best odds for me?

Employee: sir. I do not pick out lottery cards for someone else. I have a hard enough trouble choosing them for me. I will not pick out cards for you.

Me: No, no I mean look on the back at the odds and give me the cards with the best odds.

Employee: Oh. It tells you the odds?? (employee goes into a frantic search to look on the back of all the scratch cards).

In the end he turned out to be friendly and wished me good luck but obviously I upset him when he thought I asked him to use his luckyness to select cards for me.

Maybe he thought I'd sue.