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29 May, 2007

It's all the rage

This weekend Ms. Click and I decided to see the most promising sequel of the summer season. No it wasn't Shrek, or Pirates OTC, it was the intense, virus-ridden, human-biting, brutal world that is 28 Weeks Later. Having seen 28 Days Later several years previous I was a little worried that this would affect my experience. I had nothing to worry about. The film is set in England after the RAGE virus has almost died out (see the first movie). The Isle of Dogs has been declared a safe zone and residents are being moved back to England to begin their life a-new - RAGE free...or so they think. Although a shortish film (90 mins) it is crammed full of chases, guns, panic, terror and an Olympic swimming pool amount of blood. I have to say that I was very impressed by the whole movie. Some great camera techniques, amazing scenes of an empty London, a decent plot and script, good acting, and sound track (am still singing that theme in my head). I'm not much of a horror fan but I recommend this flick to anyone wanting to see a decent, original Horror-Thriller this summer.

Warning for this film: Some eye-gouging. (Eye-gouging is not enjoyed by this reviewer)

Rating: 8/10


The Film Geek said...

This too is on my to-see list. Not because I like zombies, but because my wife does. I did like 28 Days Later, thought. A lot.

The Film Geek said...

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