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16 December, 2008

Annoying aspects of Video Games

1. Teh Freeze -You are just about to finally cross the lava maze/obtain the crypt key/sniper the terrorist leader when suddenly the game just freezes. Nothing you can do but hit that big ole reset button and hurl your controller at the wall.

2. Stuck in a wall - Similar to the freeze and perhaps just as annoying is the classic "get stuck behind an object/in a wall" trick that happens when you just go off exploring in a game. I am guaranteed to find myself stuck behind some sort of object during any game only to waste several hours trying to jump and wiggle my way out of it.

2. Slooooow loading times - I'm talking between levels here, people, levels. I remember getting my Ps2 and thinking "Great! This machine will obviously have cut down on loading times". Wrong. They made the games more complicated and so the levels were just as slow to load. Took a while to save too.

3. Lack of load and play - With the advent of more sophisticated consoles we lose the highly underrated ability to just stick a disk in and start playing. Now one must subscribe to the network, download this update, install that file. You have to set aside at least 15 minutes prior to playing.

4. Super slow start up - As RZ reminded me, it is also painful to wait while a game loads. Not because of technology but simply because every developer and their cousin wants their logo to be seen before the game loads up.

5. Video Cut-sequences - Well, actually I enjoy a good cut-sequence. It adds some depth to a game and usually makes good use of the fancy graphics. What I don't like is not being able to skip said video cut-sequences especially when I have seen them 20 times from continued dying.

6. Crap completion sequences - You finally complete the game. All that hard work, blood sweat and tears was for something after all. Yes, a crappy end sequence. Cue scrolling credits (which you also can't skip) and cheesy music. There is no way of stopping it and you have to sit it out just to see if there are any bonuses!

7. Lack of saving - I like to save. I save often. I dislike games were I am limited in my saving ability or it's out of my control. What will quickly turn me off a game is having to perform the same thing again and again because I keep screwing it up and couldn't save it. It just sucks the fun right out!

03 December, 2008

Reflections on bloggers

It's been a while since I commented on bloggers but thought I'd share a few thoughts. Seems to me that you can basically divide bloggers into two main categories:

1. Socially Awkward

2. Socially Outgoing

    These two very different types of bloggers use blogging for different reasons. The Socially Awkward (SA) blogger uses his or her blog to talk about things that they want to talk about. They use a blog to do this as this way there is no need to mess with the whole "rules" of interacting socially. For example, if I want to discuss, in real life, say, why I think everyone should have to wear Mickey Mouse ears or the mating habits of Tibetan swallows then it's difficult for the SA to steer the conversation in that direction or the process and effort involved getting there isn't worth it. With a blog one can simply blurt out the topic with no need for a preamble or "social dance". However, on occasions I have been known to walk up to friends and say things like "So, if I was bitten and turning into a zombie, how would you take me down?"

    The Socially Outgoing (SO) blogger has a different purpose. They use the blog to further their social network, or simply just shout about every problem, accomplishment, wish, desire, need and thought from the day. It can be almost like an online diary, or something crafted to show the humor in everyday life. Topics are discussed in a day-by-day fashion in that what actually happened today fuels the discussion of an important issue or memory from the past. The SA blogger is more likely ruminating on a topic for a week or month before posting what they eventually thought was worthy. The SO blogger tends not to plan so much but is able to self-motivate and just allow daily happenings to aid their creative process.

    It's difficult to say but my first thought is that even in these two categories one can't state that either is particularly anti-social or doesn't enjoy the "social dance" that I loosely define as real life conversation. However, I suggest that blogging is another tool to connect to others (or a tool to just get things off their mind or chest) and whatever the individuals preferred method is in real life situations is carried over into their blogging type.