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29 June, 2007

Mars...not just a chocolate bar

I had a toy truck when I was a kid. It took a load of batteries that cost almost as much as the truck, and needed an equally large amount of batteries in the remote control for it. I loved it but the range was only about 25 feet or so. I would watch it get to the end of my driveway and then slowly roll into a bush.

Mars is almost 35 million miles away from the Earth. Pretty far. That's about 1400 times around the Earth. It's difficult to imagine such a distance let alone the thought that at this moment there is a small, toy buggy roaming around on the surface of Mars taking piccies and enjoying the quiet time. Even harder to contemplate is that it is being controlled by someone 35 million miles away. (click on the piccie for the story)

If only NASA had of designed me a truck instead.

UPDATE: See RedZeppelin's post on the same subject here.

27 June, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard - Preview

Thought I'd put up a trailer for Live Free Die Hard. Looks like it will be a great summer movie and a perfect ending to the series. I sure hope so! I should be off to see it this weekend, white vest and shaven head to boot. Am hoping for a nice level of action, humour and a decent storyline. Fingers crossed!

Jinja/Shinto Shrine

This is a fun point and click game involving some sort of Japanese shrine and a heck of a lot of clicking. The objective is to stop a missle from hitting the Earth...or leaving the Earth by solving plenty of puzzles, using objects and running around a bit. Quite a tricky game but well worth playing.

The Abandoned - Film Review

Location, Location, Location. It's pretty much a biggie for movies and The Abandoned (as many a horror film before) plumped for a remote location in an old, run-down house surrounded by a river, with only one bridge onto the island that the house was built. This is pretty much a problem for the main protagonist Marie (Anastasia Hille) who can't swim. Different from some of the recent Horror films I've had the chance to watch is that it is based in the heart of Russia. But don't worry, nearly everyone speaks perfect English (they must have some good schooling there). The story is essentially about an adopted woman who comes to Russia to investigate the property which has been passed down to her from her real parents, whom she knows nothing about. Soon after arriving at the island the scares begin. She uncovers the history of her family and the events of the past. Strangely, this has little to do with the Doll featured on the poster and front of the DVD.

The Abandoned is one of the movie released as part of the 8 films to die for series which you can view here. This is the 5th in the collection that I have seen now and have to say that it does stand out from the rest. It is not the best of the 8 films but it does have an original storyline and I really enjoyed some of scary moments. The part where she waves a flashlight around watching it reveal the history of the building was pretty spooky and clever. It's only 98 minutes long so won't take much out of your day so try and catch this when you have a spare moment.

Rating: 6/10
Comments: I much preferred Gravedancers and Reincarnation in the same series but this an original, well made, horror/thriller.

Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen

Heard this song on the radio this morning. It seems to come up on the radio fairly often but I'm not complaining. It always reminds me of this great moment from Family Guy. Except now when I hear the song I just hear Stewie's voice.

26 June, 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV - Preview

I first remember playing a GTA game many moons ago. The view was top down. The gameplay basically involved driving around a toy-like car to various phone booths and then gunning down appropriate gang members or vehicles. Much, MUCH changed a few years later when I was introduced to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Now the perspective was behind the character, you could jump in a whole bunch of new cars, travel where ever you wanted, and listen to some sweet 80's tunes. Oh, and you still had the chance to gun down some people. The missions became more involved, there was a proper story running through it with guest voice actors such as Ray Liotta, Dennis Hopper, Burt Reynolds and Debbie Harry and also about a million (roughly) side missions and tasks to accomplish. I was pretty much hooked just watching someone else play. I was very excited to get my hands on the next game in the series Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Much the same kind of adventure as the first, but a new character, a much bigger playing area now involving three cities, and a heck of a lot of missions to accomplish. Not to mention another great 90's soundtrack. After much waiting GTA:IV is soon to be released. From what I've seen of the trailer and screenshots it looks beautiful. Rockstar have said that there will be more of a blur between on and off mission action also so exploring the universe will actually have more of a purpose. The game will be the biggest in scope meaning that you can enter more buildings and investigate more areas. Sounds great to me. Only snag is...this could be $90 a if anyone wants to donate me a game I'll be happy to play and tell you all about it.

25 June, 2007

Breach - Movie Review

Breach is one of those movies that I thought "probably going to be pretty good, but I can wait to rent it" and so I did. It did take over a week for us to get around to watching it, however, as we assumed it would be the type of film you really have to concentrate on. Like the Good Shepard, which is also based on true events. I felt that breach was more straight forward than I had thought and everything was explained clearly and when it needed to be.
It is the story of the FBI's greatest security breach in history told from the view of the rookie who has to surveillance his boss, the spy and cause of the breach, whilst working as his clerk. This enabled the plot to unfold steadily as the rookie, Eric O'Neill (Ryan Phillippe) discovers more about the spy Robert Hanssen (Chris Cooper), and about the true nature of the surveillance mission. The film almost manages to make the viewer sympathetic to Robert Hanssen. On the outside, he commands respect, is deeply religious, has a family that loves him and is devoted to the FBI. This makes the film all the more compelling to watch as you really just want to dislike the traitoe. I think it is due mostly to the excellent performance by Chris Cooper who makes Robert Hanssen look intelligent, resourceful, insightful and downright mean at times, but always human.

Rating: 7/10

Comments: A decent thriller told simply and without a hollywood action ending taint.

RGB - Room Escape

This room escape game is one I like to consider "well done". It has some nice graphics which are warm and inviting. If there are only a few visual glitches that don't interfere with the gameplay. It is easy to look around the room, and use objects, and look at objects. There are also some really nice puzzles that require some straight forward logical thinking. Best of all there is no pixel hunting...oh and there are two ways of completing the game. I only managed to find the one though :-s It will probably take up about 30 mins of your time but it's well worth it will be a nice break from your day. Good luck!

24 June, 2007


As soon as I saw this was a Stephen King book based movie I knew I was in for a treat with 1408. I just enjoy watching a movie that has been based on a book. As long as it sticks fairly close to the original idea the filmmakers can't do too much wrong. The plot is better constructed, everything in the movie happens for a reason and the characters just seem more real. This is all true of 1408, a film about a writer who visits haunted motels and hotels and reviews and investigates them albeit skeptically. He is alerted to room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel in New York, where his ex-wife and past live and goes along to investigate. There have been over 50 deaths in the one room and so Mike (John Cusack) insists on staying there to find out what is so evil about the room in a hope to actually find some paranormal evidence.
Cusack does the role beautifully. He seems to naturally have that skeptical, slightly sarcastic manner about him that suits this role and has an ability to use that to make some humourous moments in the film. I also applaud him for the amount of work he must have put in this movie considering he is in 95% of the scenes and has some pretty emotional moments. If you enjoy thriller movies with plenty of plot turns and some pretty creepy moments and scares then go watch this movie. One of the best Stephen King adaptations I've been to see at the cinema.

Rating: 8/10

Comments: Well worth the expensive at the movie theater. I'm off to read the short story.

AFI's top 100 movies

So a new American Film Institute top 100 movies list is out. Decided by Hollywood's actors, filmmakers, critics and writers. Now, before you all ask, No, I don't have the 100 list. You can obtain it at the AFI website once you have created a user account. I was pretty surprised by a few of the choices...but mostly because I had only seen one of the top ten films! I like to consider myself a movie fan but I know that I have quite a few "classic" movies to watch to get to fan status. The problem for me is that I prefer to be recommended films rather than go out to see a film that is considered a great movie. I like someone I know to suggest a title based on my likes and dislikes. I'm trying to make some progress, however. Only last month Ms. AllClick and I snuggled up to watch "Dr. Strangelove". This came out in 1964. Slow progress indeed.

What was really surprising about the AFI list was that some of the movies have changed considerably in their ranking. In 1998 "Raging Bull" was at 24. This year it was no. 4. Vertigo went from no. 61 to no.9. Is it just that DVD releases of these movies have made them more available and more watched? Maybe it is that in comparison to modern movies these have stood out more as remarkable pieces of cinema. Either way, we shouldn't rely to much on lists. I tend to trust the IMDB top 250 list..but even that has it's pitfalls.

21 June, 2007

Dance Tonight

After watching the Ipod/Itunes commercial for the 4th or 5th time this catchy little song by Paul McCartney has ingrained itself into my brain. Here is the full official video (not one of those bootleg dodgy knockoffs) from Sir Paul, himself. The video has a simple idea but has some nice touches and Mackenzie Crook (aka the pirate with the false eye, aka Gareth from The Office (UK) ) is in it. Which is a bonus. It's called Dance Tonight by the way. But I'm sure you picked up on that after one verse ;-)

20 June, 2007

Escape the Health Center

Having escaped from quite a few rooms point and click stylee this game is a welcome break from spinning around looking at four walls. You have to try and escape from the Health center (centre) but that mean ole nurse keeps coming to check to see if you are back in your room every 5 minutes. There are some nice puzzles, a kinda medium graphics level that doesn't interfere with gameplay too much and a few rooms to run about it. Overall, a fun game that shouldn't take too long to do. Let me know if you need some pointers....

Ten fun things to try in a restaurant*

*Just for fun, don't go do these things kids.

1) Ask for the "All-Meat" salad and see what comes out. If they ask you what this is look at the waiter with disgust.

2) Whilst holding a menu ask for another menu...with better food.

3) Ask for a table that is aligned with your star sign. Bonus points if you make a star sign up.

4) Assume that every question asked by the staff is one expected to be debated.

5) Order something not on the menu. Then start crying when they point this out. Bonus points for making up a new dish.

6) When asked what you would like to order say "What would YOU want me to order?"

7) When by yourself, ask for the largest table and order a water for each of the empty seats. Then every time the waiter comes past your table keep glancing at your watch and looking impatient. When asked where the rest of the party is say "What do you mean? They are already here".

8) Make a tiny fort from the sugar packets and salt and pepper shakers and demand to be addressed as "Lord of the Restaurant"

9) Keep asking to be moved to a different table stating loudly that you think some other diners and waiting to steal your food. Pick up your plate and guard it with your life.

10) Start eating your food and then declare loudly "Is it hot in here, or is it just the salmonella?

Projection and Emotional Response

Who made you mad this morning? Did someone cut in front of your car on the highway? Did you discover you had a meeting today in your already full schedule? Your dog chewed up your favourite sweater? Of course these things might make you mad, these things are a hindrance to your day, they are a blot in your plans, they cause a present or future inconvenience or elicit other negative emotions like a sadness for a prized possession lost. But what was it really that made you mad? Can anyone actually force another human being to feel an emotion? I think the answer has to be no. It is one's internal processes that cause emotions such as anger and so it is the interpretation of an event that ultimately causes the emotion. I'm not saying that we should go around doing as we please saying "it's not our fault you got mad when I drove into your car, you cause your own emotions". Far from it. However, I am saying that when you feel a negative emotion that is causing you a problem or you wish to be rid of it, look inwards rather than projecting the cause onto others.

Let's take the car crash example. Someone drives into your car and dents the side panel. Sure you have the right to be angry but which is the most productive way to look at the event?

A) Become angry and spend the whole day upset and frustrated making yourself more miserable, and blaming the other driver for being so reckless.

B) Accepting that things happen, sure it's frustrating but you won't let one event affect your emotions and outlook on the world, or effect those people around you.

I think it's important to consider that emotions are often created from a conflict of values which I haven't really talked about but I think the same approach applies. Do not change your values to negate the emotion, but just consider the most positive response.

19 June, 2007

Game site round up

I thought I'd owe it to the very name of my blog to at least have SOME information about Point and Click games which have become part of my weekly routine. If I'm not escaping a room somewhere McGyver style at least once a week I feel a little lost. Here are some of the places I like to check out for my hit of Point and Click:

1) Lazylaces

A fellow Brit who posts Mon-Fri Point and Click games available online. You can rate the games and supply your own comment. Usually there is two or three games a day. Some are hits, most are misses but there is certainly something for all palates.

2) Nordinho

A forum with a whole lot of games. You don't have to join it to play the games though and usually the solution is posted in the threads (not that I look at solutions). Check under "New Adventure Games" for the point and click section.

3) Jayisgames

A review site for many Flash games (not just PnC) which frequently updates and holds a heck of a lot of older games in it's archives. The reviews can get pretty in depth with full descriptions and a sort of playability guide. My advice is just to take a peek at the screen shot, read the first few lines and then give it a go if it looks good. Games are so subjective aren't they?

4) Newgrounds

A site that is as much about Flash games as it is about Flash movies and guides on how to make your own using Flash. A great resource for anyone new to Flash or who just wants to watch some homemade Flash movies and play some sweet, original games. Not all the games are suitable for work or children (but it will tell you that on the website).

Just for fun

Soem classic Hall and Oates...just to brighten your day.

Oh and the video is Spock...umm singing or saying something. Not quite sure what the heck is going on but it looked like the best video to me ;-)

18 June, 2007

For all the SOTL buffs...

And just for fun you can find out which Silence of the Lambs character you are!

You're Clarice Starling, FBI, the veteran of thrift. Grasping, brave, and noble, you don't take sh*t from anyone. You're efficient and rather intelligent, with few strong family ties. Hang in there and you might silence the lambs once and for all.

That's MR Clarice Starling to you...

Red Dragon

Well after seeing Hannibal Rising (see one of my previous posts!) I thought it would be a pretty good idea to watch more of the continuing Hannibal Lecter story and so this weekend I watched Red Dragon. (Ok, ok, i'm behind in my movie watching. 2002 must have been a busy year for me!)This takes place before Silence of the Lambs chronologically speaking but was filmed ten years later. Kudos to Anthony Hopkins for taking on the role again and losing the weight needed to be a younger Lecter than he was 10 years ago. The story begins with Lecter's capture and a little bit about his history, but the main focus of the film is on a serial killer who is preying on whole families across the country. Even the detective who caught Lecter (Ed Norton) needs some help and so Lecter is approached for guidance, riddles and insight and Norton gets more than he has asked for. "How Cliche!" you might say in a fancy French accent. But "Non" the story unfolds in a very straight forward way but fairly unpredictably and there are some original twists that will almost make you appreciate Lecter (whilst shuddering). I thought this film was a surprisingly good thriller that had somehow swept under my radar. I was put off the series by Hannibal but Red Dragon had much more of a Silence of the Lambs feel to it and appealed to my psychological, inquisitive mind. Anthony Hopkins is as creepy as ever and the rest of the cast do a great job too. Edward Norton rarely puts in a bad performance and he suits the bright, involved policeman role he plays here. A really enjoyable thriller that was well made, scripted and acted.

Rating: 8/10

Comments: Not as good as Silence but better than the other movies in the series.

17 June, 2007

Alan Wake

This game looks super sweet. Self labeled it is a "Psychological Action Thriller" which brings to mind the thought of Freud running across rooftops solving murders. This is a far cry from the game (disappointingly but not suprisingly) and is instead about a best selling horror writer who gets swept into his own story world. I think there is something to do with his dreams as well, which will be a familiar theme to anyone who has played the Max Payne games made by the same company Remedy Entertainment. Not due for a release until 2008 but you can take a look at the sweet Alan Wake website and stare in awe at some of the visually stunning screenshots..oh and take a goosey gander at the movies too.

13 June, 2007

Retro Movie Review: Office Space

My eyes were truly awakened last year when I got around to watching this movie. I hadn't heard much about it at all I just knew I'd just been told that I would enjoy it and that I'd better watch it soon so that people could quote it at me. Office Space, although made in 1999 still rang very true to me. I was in a cycle of working in mostly pointless office jobs with incompetent, under trained and undereducated bosses wondering to myself how everyone else could stand it. No-one else seemed to be having the same problems as me and would often be baffled when I frequently moaned about my issues. After watching this movie I a) laughed hard and b) felt at some peace that I wasn't the only one going through the same experience. I felt like someone had filmed my life for the past 2 years and made it into a movie. All except the going to prison part and burning building. Oh and I didn't jump on a printer in a field. Though I wish I had of now. Anyway, this is a tremendous film that summarizes the boredom and frustration that is working in an office perfectly and is just an enjoyable movie to sit back and let it play. I would say this is Gary Cole at his finest and even Jennifer Aniston does a good job.

Rating: 8/10

Comments: Even if you don't work in an office see this. Look out for Mike Judge.

11 June, 2007

Over the Hedge

I had the chance to catch up on my animation movie watching and saw Over the Hedge over the weekend. Featuring the voices of Bruce Willis, Gary Shandling, Steve Carell, Avril Lavigne (yes, I raised an eyebrow too), Eugune Levy and Thomas Haden Sandman Church this was a cute story about a raccoon enlisting help from some forest foragers to gather up food from their newly discovered human neighbours to stop a bear from eating the said raccoon. That is about it for the storyline but this was a positive for me. It was straight to the point and you were almost swept away by the movie as it guides you through this one plot line at a great speed. By the time the movie had ended I was suprised 80 minutes had gone by. I thought the casting and voices were excellent and really brought the chracters to life along with some excellent animation and chase sequences. Appealing to both adults and children and hopefully the latter (and the former) will pick up upon the underlying message about destroying animals native habitats and it's consequences. And there is also a significant, unsubtle jab in there about eating lots of junk food. All-in-all very enjoyable. I hadn't heard much about this film and so it came as a welcome suprise.

Rating: 7/10

Comments: If choosing between this and Open Season, see this. If you haven't ever seen an animated movie see Toy Story to see how it's done. Monsters Inc. was great too. See them. Then see Chicken little for another little recent gem....

Wholesome fun

It's probably not a term used that often. Unless of course you are speaking a lot with myself as I tend to use it all the time and probably in an ironic way. Wholesome fun. I'd like to say that all my fun is wholesome but I must admit i'm pretty partial to playing Grand Theft Auto and end up watching pretty violent, bloody, or scary movies. not exactly the activity of choice on The Waltons. Needless to say, I did enjoy myself playing an at-home version of pictionary this weekend. Movie based pictionary using a white board, a big book about movies and some washable markers. It didn't take very much to set up and it certainly didn't cost much. In a world where wii's are praised for getting kids to move and play video games and Apple iphones are eagerly awaited I think there is still a place for playing silly games at home and flexing your brain a little. So go look in your cupboards, basements, attics and get out your old board games and give it a go...and then invite me over.
By the way, does anyone remember watching Win, lose or draw? bonus points if Danny Baker was on it...or if you know who Danny Baker is.

30 mins to spare

If you have 30 mins to spare and a sharp brain then try the lastest game from the gotmail crew called The Shochu Bar. It's visually appealing, has some nice puzzles in it and will certainly get your brain working. If you like you can play the game in Japanese (for the hardcore gamer) or English (for the wuss gamer). It basically involves being trapped in a bar (why would you WANT to escape?) while trying to find a message and remember something about your relationship with a guy. A bonus in this game is that there isn't much pixel hunting ( a pet peeve of mine in online point and click games) and it's more about using the right object at the right time in the right place. Or something like that. Ms. Allclick and I completed this game together but still couldn't figure out what a Shochu is or even how to pronounce it. Answers on a postcard please to: Old Ford Locks.......

08 June, 2007

Quick Fix: Extra

Reading through my email this morning I spotted this article which is kinda relevant to my quick fix post from earlier this week. Although I am a fan of advanced technology and geeky gadgets I can't help but think that this kind of invention pushes society away from looking at itself and changing lifestyle and beliefs about losing weight and instead pushes it towards taking a diet pill that will make you feel full. Will this invention stop kids from demanding junk food and snacking? I very much doubt it. I expect they will read about this and eat to their hearts/stomachs content knowing that when they ARE large there is always a pill to take to "cure" them. I think Sandon puts the argument more succinctly that I can in the article so read her comments on it and muse awhile.

Then again it is Friday.

06 June, 2007

Hannibal Rising

Ok, back to a movie review. I have had a somewhat strange relationship with Thomas Harris' series about Hannibal Lector, in that I have neither watched the films in order of their release, or chronologically. Dispite this, I felt confident watching Hannibal Rising, expecting that I would not feel too alienated. I was pretty much right. I think I only spent about 20 mins of the film asking "Did we know this already?" "Did he say that to Clarice?" etc. It is all about the early childhood and early adulthood of Hannibal Lector. Painting the picture of a sweet boy turned by the consequences of others and the world situation. Mostly.
As a stand alone film I thought that this was a decent movie. It's always a challenge making a movie about development and the beginnings but this movie handled the subject well. The pace was right, not a rush through early years, but a detailed look at specific moment of impact on Hannibal's life and decisions that he made. Gaspard Ulliel made a perfectly chilling and skin crawling Lector come to life with a permanent smug grin etched on his face. There is always a lot of expectation when handling an iconic (?) figure such as Hannibal Lector and so I'm sure this movie didn't suit a lot of people's theories about the young life of Hannibal. However, it grabbed my attention, the story was well written and made sense, and although grisly violence, it was never included for the sake of "lets throw in a violent scene to push the rating up". Although this movie has none of the intrigue and suspense of Silence of the Lambs, it is a decent "beginnings" film and fits nicely into the saga.

Rating: 7/10

Comments: Watch Silence of the Lambs first, the watch this. Then watch Silence of the Lambs again.

Balloon watch

Is it against blogging etiquette to post twice in a day? I guess i'll find out as I announce the launch of "Balloon Watch". Simple things for simple minds i'm frequently told. This weeks simple thing is the very lonely, sad, deflated "Happy 50th Birthday!" balloon that lays caught in a tree along the Interstate. It has survived winds, rain, hail and defies nature. I'm going to hazard a guess that it's been there for about 3 months now, just before Huntington Mall, exit 20 heading towards Huntington. If you spot it, spare a thought for the person who must get the daily reminder of a half century birthday.

A Quick Fix

Who want's one? I think the answer is everyone. Seems that everything must be fast and it must be effective...oh and free would be good too. When did everyone suddenly need everything so urgently? I guess we could look at technology. The invention of the Internet (invention? creation? birth?), fax machine, cellular phones have all sped up the way information is exchanged but from research I've read this hasn't decreased levels of stress in any way and in fact probably has the opposite effect. Other quick fixes are demanded in medicine. How many commercials are on TV offering effective, rapid relief from a problem? Have depression? Here is a quick pill you can take. Why spend months in counseling when you can get a quick fix? Want to lose weight? Don't spend hours in the gym, don't monitor your food intake just take this pill, drink this powder, eat this snack etc... It's probably the fault of the advertisers but they are just appealing to what we want. Right? Why isn't more being done to prevent global warming? Because we are all waiting for the quick fix to take place. I think the desire for a quick fix has to come from within human nature. But why do we want everything fast? What will we do with all this free time generated? I wish I knew. Try and slow down this week. Turn off the phone, and play a game, spend time with the family, write a letter. Slow and steady wins the race.

01 June, 2007

Notes for a Friday..before I forget

Reading through the news today a couple of stories caught my attention. Anyone who knows me at all will know that I have a horrible memory. A good example is last night's conversation with Ms Click.

Allclick: Is Pirates of the Carribean opening this week?

Ms Click: I'm pretty sure it opened last week

Allclick: Really? How do you know that?

Ms Click: Because you told me yesterday that it broke the 6 day record on it's opening weekend.

Enough said. Thankfully scientists are currently researching into memory aids just for people like myself. The latest discovery is that epicatechin "could encourage structural and functional changes in a part of a mouse's brain involved in learning and memory." For those not in the know, epicatechin is found in tea, cocoa, blueberries and grapes and so it looks like i'll be getting a cocoa-blueberry tea and grapes for dinner tonight.

Bayer have also brought out a product called "Vital and Sharp Mind". At about $12 this seems like a lot to sharpen my mind, and it just seems to be mainly fish oil. I'm tempted to pick this up while I patent my "Dehydration prevention Liquid" for $12 a bottle. Ingredients: Aqua.
Another story of interest was regarding a British man who was hit by lightning this week walking in Crampers Field, Coventry, England. Unsuprisingly he has been entitled "Lucky Man". His clothes were blackened and his shoe had disintegrated (not sure why he was only wearing the one). When the ambulance showed up he was concious and covered in blankets by members of the public. Blankets. The obvious choice of protection against lightning bolts.

Something for the weekend....

Here is a little something for the weekend. A song from the Killers called "For Reasons Unknown". An excellent example of Indie Rock from the Las Vegas band that I just can't get enough of. This is from Sam's Town the follow up album to Hot Fuzz. I heard Mr. Brightside and broke my usual rule of "Three good singles, buy the album" and rushed out to get Hot Fuzz. I wasn't disappointed and nearly every song on the album is a winner. Sam's Town has much to offer also so enjoy this vid and check out the rest of the album. I recommend "Can You Read My Mind?" which is the theme to the opening page of their website. Yes, it looks kinda crazy but it's just an opening screen...the rest of the site is very much in English...or American. If you don't like the Killers you can at least stand/sit in awe/amusement at my ability to include a Youtube video here. Now I just need to make my own youtube-esque website to rule the world...