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27 January, 2009

A shout-out

In these tough economic times I think it's worth supporting some companies who are trying to help the little guy out. I can't say I can think of all that many but talking from personal experience I will give a shout out to some marketing/data collection sites that I use and have greatly benefited from. for one made it possibly for our PS3 purchase. You sign up and everyday you get 1-5 emails from them. Click the link in the email and you get 5 points. Easy-peasy. Eventually you can get enough points and get gift cards and they really do show up! I thought at first it would be super annoying getting those emails but it's really not so bad and at least I have NEW emails waiting for me each day. I could probably earn some points for recommending a friend to join but that's not what this is about. Check it out and maybe in 6 months you could have a $25 gift card. is another site that I answer short questionnaires on. It doesn't take long, I don't get many emails at all really and you can earn air miles. is the third site that I use. Again you answer short surveys only on this site, if you qualify, you can answer the WHOLE survey which goes on for 10 minutes or so depending on your reading/brain speed.

There are a lot of these sites out there, I think, and not all of them are legit so I only can recommend these ones. You can buy me something nice with your gift card to say thanks.

18 January, 2009

One store to rule them all

After watching turning on my TV news station it seems that we are rapidly heading towards total domination. I'm talking retail here. Seems like lots of big name stores are shutting up shop. Goody's, Linen and things, and now Circuit City is going for good. I'm sure they will not be the only causalities of the financial crisis either as this year things aren't expected to get any better. After watching "Wall-E" recently it's almost like life imitating art. In the movie there is one corporation that owns everything, I think it's called Buy n Save, including the gas stations, spaceships and all the robots. As more and more stores bow out of the market place it is becoming easier to imagine a world where Wal-Mart makes cars, health insurance, banks and fast food chains. A very sad and painful world indeed.

Perhaps I have been watching a little too much Armageddon week on the History Channel.

16 January, 2009

Add "Kiss" to my Hot List will you?

Now, how do I sign up for the Kiss army again?

Happy 2009!

Those already on the "Allclick Crap List" 2009:

United Airlines - For awful customer service and the worst automated phone system.
HSBC - For ensuring customers are safely locked out of their own accounts.

On the "Allclick Hot list" 2009:

Bob Evans - for it's Caramel Mocha with free refills. Yum
Hyundai - for an assurance that if you lose your income after buying a car you can return it.