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07 September, 2007


Human beings are tough. I'm not talking about Bruce Willis in Die Hard here (well, maybe in part) but I'm talking real-life tough. Firstly, our bodies are pretty darn amazing. The Merchant of Venice reads "If you prick us, do we not bleed?" whilst being true I think it could also read "If you prick us, do we not heal?". I'm talking physiologically, but also psychologically here. If you cut your finger on a knife, the body will rush into defence mode sending white blood cells to the wound and start damage control as it builds a scab to prevent infection and fights any existing infection in the wound, and then the skin begins to heal. Click here for an explanation that I didn't make up. The mind does the same thing. Once it has been damaged, it begins to heal but it is also a slow process. For example, if you have suffered a loss you feel the intense pain, sadness, anger, and grief but with time you start to feel better and overcome the loss (whilst not forgetting it, or downplaying it's significance). If you are feeling depressed, give it time and you WILL feel better. By all means, go seek someone to talk to and discuss your problems with but have faith in yourself and have hope and know that you will improve.


jedijawa said...

I tell my clients, just about every day, that it's okay to get help for their problems. Sometimes I have to nudge family members into realizing that mental health is an important part of overall health and ask them to participate in the recovery process of my client. If only we gave adequate funding to mental health care instead of pouring it into a failed war in Iraq or a failed war on drugs.

All Click said...

Espeically in West Virginia there is a very high incidence of poor mental health and mental health disorders so some extra funding would be great. I think mental health is very under appreciated and valued. Ideally there should be mental health counselors at every business...kinda like on starships in the future ;-)