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18 January, 2009

One store to rule them all

After watching turning on my TV news station it seems that we are rapidly heading towards total domination. I'm talking retail here. Seems like lots of big name stores are shutting up shop. Goody's, Linen and things, and now Circuit City is going for good. I'm sure they will not be the only causalities of the financial crisis either as this year things aren't expected to get any better. After watching "Wall-E" recently it's almost like life imitating art. In the movie there is one corporation that owns everything, I think it's called Buy n Save, including the gas stations, spaceships and all the robots. As more and more stores bow out of the market place it is becoming easier to imagine a world where Wal-Mart makes cars, health insurance, banks and fast food chains. A very sad and painful world indeed.

Perhaps I have been watching a little too much Armageddon week on the History Channel.


RedZeppelin said...

It's Buy N Large, isn't it?

I think you're right on the nose, though. I was no huge fan of Circuit City, but they actually carried some quality components. I shudder to think that the only choice in town for home theater equipment would be Wal-mart. Yeah they're cheap, but so is the crap they sell.

"Hi, do you carry Onkyo receivers?"

"Uh, onk-what?"

All Click said...

Buy N Large of course. Hence the pun.

Yeah, Wal-marts electronic section is incredibly sub-par and overpriced. Plus the staff are hardly experts. Although they are expert in avoiding customers and talking to each other.

RedZeppelin said...

You know, I don't even care about how knowledgeable the staff are regardless of where I'm shopping for electronics. I do my research and know what I want before I even walk in the place. Circuit City's clerks were as clueless as any, but I didn't care. It was just nice to have some decent quality products available locally. That's why I'm sad to see them go.