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12 May, 2010

A breadcrumb

Hey reader,

Just wanted to say I'm still here just been a tad bit too busy to get on here and moan about stuff. I've been lifting furniture, taking care of a very sick cat and playing the heck out of "Heavy Rain". I have even been back to O'Skees for the meatloaf which was excellent.

Just in case you were thinking of renting Sherlock Holmes, by the way, I wasn't all that impressed. It would have been a lot better without Guy Ritchie at the helm and if it actually had a mystery. You'll be disappointed when (and if ) you make it to the end. There's not even a deerstalker in sight.

Back soon, y'all



The Film Geek said...

Glad to see you back. And I agree about Holmes. I counldn't watch it all the way through....yuck

Chris James said...

It'll take a couple of flicks to undo all of that shit that Madonna did to him.