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18 June, 2010

"Two Guys and Three Movies" - My very own podcast

Hey there.

I've really been getting into listening to several podcasts on a weekly basis and constantly find myself with too much time and not enough podcasts so I thought I'd give it a crack myself. So, check out my new movie review podcast featuring The Film Geek! We talk about three movies on our mind and a whole bunch of other stuff that wasn't. This week we tackle Iron Man 2, Avatar and The Lovely Bones.

Iron Man 2, Avatar, The Lovely Bones and why 3D sucks


Paul said...

Good job. I haven't seen any of the movies you discussed so I can't comment on the reviews. My only question is of all things in Forest Gump that sucked, TFG was worried about Lt. Dan's CGI'd stumps?

The Film Geek said...

Hey Paul!! Valid point, my friend

All Click said...

Hey thanks Paul. Hope we didn't give away too many spoilers!