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30 July, 2010

A question for all

We have all been there, haven't we? The wife suggests going to see a RomCom which you know will star someone like Gerard Butler, or that guy from Twilight and no doubt they'll be shirtless for no apparent reason. Or your hubby suggests the newest Jason Statham action movie which didn't even look good in the commercials. You let out a little groan but go anyway for the popcorn/after movie sex love of your wife/husband/partner.

You may have also been that person who gets a movie in the mail from Netflix and then lets it sit there on the countertop for days at a time. "I'm just not in the mood for that" you think to yourself as you wonder why the heck it was even in your queue and how did it get to the top before "Couple's Retreat"?

But turns out you rather liked it! Ha-Zar! You wonder why you fussed and moaned in the first place.

If this is you then get in touch! The Film Geek and I will be back podcasting our way through the weekend and this episodes topic is:

"3 movies you thought would suck, but ended up enjoying".

Feel free to post a comment here with your answer or send an email to:

allclicknopoint at the mail of G.


Paul said...

I can only think of two off hand, and only one is a romcom.

1) The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. Despite being 100% formulaic and predictable it was still fun to watch. Betty White is fantastic in it.

2) Fight Club. I had zero desire to see that movie until Spike convinced me that it is not what I was expecting. He was right.

And by the way, thanks in advance for the topic idea (which Spike and I will undoubtedly steal for a future show).

Spike Nesmith said...

/takes notes

..oh? what? yes. movies!

1) Man On The Moon - i *hate* Jim Carrey. Couldn't stand his so-called comedy movies and would rather gnaw through my own testicles than willingly watch one. But my fascination with Andy Kaufman meant I had to grit my teeth and bear him for 90 minutes, if only to say "that was SHITE!" What I was met with, much to my chagrin, was an absolutely flawless performance. The story was a bit mixed up, but Carrey was a-freaking-mazing. Bastard.

2) Bye Bye Birdie. Oh sure, you laugh, but what a riot it is. Great fun. It's a shameless piss-take of the Elvis phenomenon, made all the more cheeky by the fact that it was made as Elvis was at the height of his fame and that Ann-Margaret went on to star with him in Viva Las Vegas. Also... mmmm! Ann-Margaret! Never was there a more succulent JFK-era hottie. Graaauuwwl. And also also, when I found it for $8 in Sam's Club, i could say, "bye - i'm going to buy Bye Bye Birdie". Problem was, I was alone at the time.

3) Not Another Teen Movie. I've got no time for dumb-ass lowest common denominator movies filled with T&A and jokes about bodily functions, but NATM is worth it for the spot-on parodies and references to 80s teen movies (the John Hughes collection in particular) and for Molly Ringwald's cameo. Rather against my instincts, I laughed myself dizzy several times during the course of the film. And in other news: fwaar! Chyler Leigh. eh? eh? Say! No! MORE!

Raquel's World said...

DANCE FLICK- seems really really dumb and is really really dumb but it was hilarious and I watched it twice back to back.

TYLER PERRY MOVIES- again seem a little too "dumb" for me but they actually have good story lines in em.