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16 March, 2011

Pie and Pints, Charleston WV

Mrs. Allclick had the fantastic suggestion of driving up to C-town and checking out a new (for us) restaurant "Pies and Pints". I thought to myself "hmm I like pies" and we set off. After driving around the block several times we found an awesome parking space across the road from the restaurant and strolled in. I noted the decor was very clean, funky and modern as we made our way down the length of the restaurant to a pleasant little quiet nook, across from a large sign stating "BEER". We were quickly seen to and ordered a Spinach salad which was fresh, plentiful and had a delicious Gorgonzola dressing.

Then came the pies. We split a large pie with half my choice and half Mrs. Allclick's choice. I had margherita which I was extremely pleased with in all of my pie categories. The crust was light and buttery but was still firm without being tough. This meant you could pick up a big slice and not have to hold it above your head to take the first bite. The pizza sauce tasted like sliced fresh tomatoes but in a smooth and even sauce and the cheese was tangy and well distributed without being greasy.

Our waiter was very pleasant and attentive and the food came out really quickly so it was a near perfect experience. The only bad part of the meal was listening to a grumpy woman complain about her coffee for 10 minutes and then claiming the pizza was made incorrectly for another 15 minutes to the manager (despite that fact that it was made exactly as it should have been). I highly suspect when she was born she complained to the midwife that the wait was entirely too long and that she didn't appreciate being naked.

So, if you fancy a authentic and delicious pizza pie in Charleston go check it out. I believe they get incredibly busy around dinner time so go early and often.

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Mmm pizza said...

In case you're wondering, the other half of the pie was "Chicken Gouda Pie" - grilled chicken, slices of slightly smokey gouda cheese, very thinly sliced red onions, a sprinkle of bacon (I'm not a big fan of bacon, but is was nice on the pizza and not greasy), chipotle crema and scallions. Very delicious and satisfying.