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03 July, 2007

I'll take the room with a Lightsaber please

Looking for a new place to vacation this year? Ever thought of going to Tunisia? No, I didn't think you had. Neither had I...until I discovered that that is where Luke Skywalker lives! That's right, check out the Hotel Sidi Driss (I'm sure Uncle Owen wouldn't have approved of that name) located in Matmata, Tunisia as seen in Star Wars Episode 4. The website I found belongs to a photographer who describes the place as "Dank but cheap". I don't know about you but that sold it for me! Strangely, there isn't a Star Wars geek in any of these least not yet.

-Another one of C3PO's bad jokes cleared out the place.

-"Luxury hotel rooms offer amenities such as: Bed, Floor and Mud. Security may be a concern."

Update: Thank you to Declan McCullagh for the piccies. They are all his.

1 comment:

RedZeppelin said...

I think they offer a special travel package that gets you one free power converter from the Toshie Station.

/Star Wars geek