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31 July, 2007

Arby's is lawless

I'd like to take a moment today and vent in a George Costanza/Ross Geller way about lawlessness. Nope, I'm not talking about Xena Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless but instead I'm referring to the lack of retribution that Arby's deal out when it comes to sandwich theft. That's right. Theft. Of sandwiches. In Arby's. In particular it was my sandwich, a beef and cheddar thingy. As I stepped up to the counter to collect my food I watched as another guy walked away with it. I wasn't completely sure it was mine...until a minute later when another sandwich was brought out that no-one claimed. A regular beef sandwich. No cheese and about 50 cents cheaper. I was pretty annoyed when I finally had to say that my sandwich had obviously been taken and wait for another to be cook. I was annoyed from waiting but also frustrated that someone would (probably) accidentally collect the wrong food..but then go ahead and eat it anyway. In reality it was only a sandwich and I only had to wait about 8 minutes longer to get my food but it still got me pretty mad. In theory it means that you can order whatever you like from the menu, then wait at the food counter, take whatever food you like and then sit down and eat it safe knowing that Arby's really doesn't care once you have paid for it. Can you imagine the same thing happening at a car dealership? It is really the principle that got me more upset than anything, so next time your in Arby's do not leave that counter and wrestle anyone who thinks their taking your food. It could be my guy.


RedZeppelin said...

Just one more reason why I'm glad WV is an "open carry" state. :)

"Step away from the sandwich!!"

Anonymous said...

This is a stupid rant! Almost all fast food restaurants operate this same way. If you're too stupid to pay attention while your food is being taken by someone else, it's your own damn fault. Also--how in the hell does it possibly take 8 minutes to make a beef and cheddar? That is what I would be complaining about, not you giving your meal away...