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19 December, 2007

Lunching alone

I'd call myself a pretty social guy. I wouldn't choose to go to lunch alone over having company. Any company is usually fine. Someone you know well is comforting, safe, you can have a good laugh. Someone not so well is good, you can learn more about them and get past that "chit-chat" stage. Alone is kinda boring. At least I had my brain with me.

Today I had lunch on my own in McDonald's and I was glad for the experience. You tend to notice more going on around you. I noticed that now McDonald's has a 10 pc chicken nugget meal (probably old news but hey, it was new to me), that the said nuggets appear to taste and look fattier than either, that this can be confirmed or denied by looking at the nutritional information, that McDonald's are sneaky and clever to display the nutritional information in plain sight, on the back of the paper sheets that line the trays, that when three people are eating alone on three separate tables the mood becomes uncomfortable, that 12 o'clock is when construction site workers choose to flood the place, that people who look like they hadn't had a shower in 3 days REALLY stink (were you in there filmgeek??) and that picking a seat in a fast food restaurant is both a skill and an art form.


The Film Geek said...

Not me this time! :)

Terrific post.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

My kids love the chicken nuggets at McD's. The other day, we went thru the drive-thru and as they were handing us the bag and Happy Meals, my 22 month old daughter said, "Chicken!"

They hook 'em early at McDs.

jedijawa said...

Great post dude!

All Click said...

TFG: thanks! I was Fairly sure it wasn't you...

ETW: I was hooked early too! Those nuggets are fantastic. But then i discovered wendys!

Jedi: Cheers! Thanks for reading!