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08 January, 2008

New Year - New Me

Well it's 2008. A year that seemed somewhat futuristic to me not long ago. Yet still no flying cars. What's the deal with that? I hope someone is working on it. My title says New Year - New Me. I guess it really should say "New Year - Same Me saying new things". I've got a few plans on how to change this year. I'd like to be fitter, richer, smarter, better read, and more organized, motivated, and challenged. I feel optimistic at the moment despite my almost complete lack of action thus far. Being back to work will help I'm sure.

I think one of the hardest things is that making New Year resolutions are easy. The making part that is. All of us know ourselves the best and can think of at least one thing they would like to change. So that part is healthy and helpful. Sticking to the resolutions is the tricky part and it's the issue of accountability that makes it so. As I'm the one making the changes I only have myself to answer to. And sometimes I can bargain with myself and get out of exercising or saving money. So, maybe this year I'll try and get someone else to report to. Like a personal trainer for the soul. I'll add it to my growing to do list...

Plans for this year:

Write a short story

Exercise regularly

Find an internship

Read more non-fiction.

That should do it for now.


RedZeppelin said...

A personal trainer for the soul. I like that! If you find one give me his/her number.

Good luck with your resolutions.

The Film Geek said...

Fine list! (And good luck...)

jennyville said...

Good luck, Allclick! You can do it. :D

Evil Twin's Wife said...

AC, great list! I didn't do one this year - I just have an ongoing "to do" list that never ends. LOL.

Chris James said...

If you want some good non-fiction for those with ADHD, I suggest going to the Wikipedia artilce on your hometown in Blighty, read it, then just click on a link, read it, click, and so on.

jedijawa said...

Excellent goals!