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02 July, 2008

Going skateboarding in Milton? Grab your wallet

Looks like the people of Milton have a thing against skateboarders. Hope that isn't an area of choice for you, Jackie. $50 is a little steep and who has to pay it? The skateboarders? The parents? Plus you have your 'board impounded for 30 days. I can see now the Milton officers practicing their Nollie kickflips and tailslides outside the station.

I used to love getting out on my skateboard. It was a really cheap and crappy skateboard that really was just a "show" board in that it was designed to look good not actually function very well. Toys R Us probably still makes it. So, it was easy to just stand on the thing and head down hill but trying to turn the thing usually resulted in bloody knees and a scolding from my mum. I'd love to start up again someday but I'm not into all that Vert ramp stuff. I'd just do mad street skills like my main man Rodney Mullens.

Rodney Mullen - Funny home videos are a click away


Chris James said...

I figure that Milton PD will be too busy trolling its 327 mile stretch of I-64 to enforce the ban.

Jackie said...

Jesus, that video is sick. The cool thing is, he's older than me. But that's also pretty depressing...

All Click said...

CJ: That could well be!

Jackie: Isn't it a great video? I'm a big fan of his. My favorite move of his is where he grinds the board on the side in a's not on the video but i'll try and find it.