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10 July, 2008

Movies movies movies

I see TFG has been catching up on some summer flicks! Whilst I have not had the chance to see Wall-E or Hancock yet, I will be off to see some Hellboy II action this weekend. I finally got around to seeing the first movie a few weeks ago and loved it. Del Toro is really bringing an art form back into movies.

Other movies on my "Must-see at the movies" list include (but are not limited too):

The Dark Knight - (of course. Possible Oscar nod for the late Heath Ledger but Christian Bale needs one soon, right?)

X-Files - (Ms. AllClick really wants to see this. I'll want to see it but I'm a little scared it won't live up to it's potential)

The Mummy 3 - (It will be fun, won't it?)

Star Wars: Clone Wars (I actually thought that this looks pretty darn good!)


RedZeppelin said...

The Dark Knight looks like it could be the best superhero movie ever.

And I'm a big sucker for the Mummy films. They aren't great by any means, but they are fun as hell.

All Click said...

"Best Superhero Movie Ever" are big words indeed, sir! It will take a lot to beat Spiderman 2 IMHO, but you could well be right.

The Film Geek said...

I'm looking forward to the X-Files, too. I need it to be good so I feel better about how that show ended.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think The Evil Twin and Buddy plan to see Hellboy II in the theatre. I loved the first one too, but will have to wait for the DVD release.