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12 August, 2008

Lego Star Wars: The Video Game

After finally completing "Resident Evil" with Chris and Jill, I had a chance to crack open my Lego Star Wars video game on the pc. Two words. Awe. Some. It's easy to get started, the controls are simple, the game play is incredibly fun and it's challenging but doable! The two player drop in action means that you can play alongside your spouse, son, daughter, grandma and they can take a break while you still light saber your way through the levels. There are plenty of hidden items and bonuses so that even after you complete the game in one weekend and a Monday you will still want to go back and find the other 20 characters you missed when you played it through the first time. It sticks pretty close to the main storyline of the movies and is actually more enjoyable in Lego that it was on the silver screen. Heaps of fun.


RedZeppelin said...

Those Lego games are tons of fun. I've been wanting to try the Indiana Jones version.

All Click said...

Yes I bet that is great too.

what other movies will they do?


I sure hope the game wasn't too loud for you ;-)

RedZeppelin said...

I think a Batman version is already in the works.