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20 April, 2009

Mildy annoying things that people say

1. People who say "Legos" instead of "Lego".
2. People who say "uh-huh" when I say "Thank you".
3. The additional item they offer you at the drive through - "..and would you like a new fish taco burger melt with that?"
4. The saying " At the top of the hour". Especially when it is overly abused by HLN's Showbiz tonight.
5. The phrase "Biased Liberal Media" without actually saying who they are talking about.

Bah, it's Monday!


Chris James said...

I got a "yeahok" (one word) from someone after I said "excuse me" while squeezing through a crowd.

badger said...

I hate it when people say, "At the end of the day..." to refer to how a situation will pan out. It's completely overused and therefore annoying.

Biased liberal media? NPR, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC. Pretty much anyone but FoxNews, which is biased conservative media.

Paul Higginbotham said...

Git 'er done.
Do you have one of our supersaver club cards?
Is it Friday yet?
Hot enough for you?
Working hard or hardly working?
Where are you at?

badger said...

This only applies to the Huntington area, but since you are in that area, you can relate:

pronouncing color (or for you Brits, colour) as "collar".

Used to annoy me to no end.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Nothing bugs me more than a half ass "there you go" when you try to a suggestion or lighten the mood of a way too serious conversation. I feel like saying, "yeah, just where the f**k do you think I'm going?"

It feels like the same condescending attitude used by people who used to call everyone, "big guy".

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Actually Paul, I'll have to take your suggestion to heart. The first thing I ask everyone in the break room on Monday morning when we're getting our coffee is, "is it Friday, yet?" That may be instinctual to people who have the misfortune of working for the state, but I'll have to consider not doing it anymore- it probably does get old.

Spike Nesmith said...

Nobody else will get two thirds of these but you and I, AC, but I submit my three:

1) the shop Marks and Sparks
2) the tv show Spitting Images
3) the board game Trivial Pursuits.

All Click said...

CJ: I'll have to listen out for that one!

Badger: I can't stand over use of "at the end of the day" either.

Elvis: I never really did understand the usage of "big guy". Maybe I'll have to test that out.

PH: I say "anywoo" every now and then but I think I managed to pull it off without being annoying. Or I intentionally use it to annoy. So I win both ways!

Spike: Great list! I have to admit, though, I say "superdrugs" when I know it's not right. It just sounds better!

bread and butter said...

"We'll just have to agree to disagree"

What? No ... I disagree with you. Live with it.

That expression is annoying and arrogant. People who say it need to realize that it's not intellectual.

"You know?" or "Ya Know?" or "You know what I mean?"

I think that expression emerged because people's attention spans and listening skills have declined so much that the speaker feels the need for constant reassurance that the listener is actually listening.