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07 July, 2009

Where are you AC?

No, I'm not referring to the much loved character from Saved by the Bell (who really should have had a spin-off...perhaps one where he ran for congress... "AC in DC" anyone? no? ok). I'm talking about the other A/C. The one that keeps me nice and cool and at a constant 69 degrees all year round no matter what it's like outside. It went out a couple of days ago and I'm still struggling to cope with it's loss. It's weird because in England we never had A/C. I didn't know anyone who did, no matter how rich or fancy their house was. There just really isn't much of a need for it. It can get to be very hot during the summer but often it's just for a few weeks and then it's back to more comfortable weather...or rain. The other reason was that most houses there are made of brick and so at least the downstairs of my house would actually be fairly cool even on the hottest days. We didn't even have ceiling fans though (nor did anyone else) so night was really the worse. It felt like the heat didn't abate any during the night and opening up my windows just let in the moths rather than the cool air. These past few days here without A/C have brought some of these less than fond memories streaming back. I've just become to accustomed to living in a climate controlled house.

The repair guy showed up today to take a look at things. Looks like the compressor is no longer working. We had problems on July 3rd with the same thing but I managed to "Man-up" and fix it by flicking a few breakers till the compressor jumped to life, but now it's completely packed in. He should be back any minute to tell me either a) he got it started or b) it will be another two days of hotness and bare-chestedness around the house (by me, not Ms. Allclick).

Well, at least the cats seem to be enjoying the heat.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Why does the AC always seem to go out during the hottest of the hot days? I'm knocking on wood over here!

Paul Higginbotham said...

Forget AC. How about that Kelly Kapowski?

/enjoyed that show much more than I should have

All Click said...

ETW: I know! Why couldn't it have happened a couple of weeks ago when it was much more bearable.

Paul: A Kelly spin-off? Yes, that could have worked. Kelly leaves bay-side to open her own food store.. Kelly's Deli.

I have fond memories of singing the Saved by the Bell theme tune during lunch at school. I suppose now I know why I dined alone.