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23 February, 2010

More wikianswers

I just couldn't resist clicking "Recent Activity" and sharing some more questions that we are all dying to know the answer to such as:

Will you get high if you shoot suboxone?
(Ah, the considerate drug taker takes time out to check that he's not wasting his time.)

How much does 16 ounces weigh
(hmm...about 15 ounces but a bit more?)

What is happening to the earth forests
(I demand to know! Someone better own up!)

How much wood would a catnip joke troubles with water in the joke Which time would as you not ask him not to do I hard try to talk here in english sorry
(I hard try to understand in English also, sorry).

What year was Dick a dum dum by des oconnor released
(This one just made me laugh for so many reasons but couldn't the poster have just put this in the google search bar instead??)

Why is a tattoo permanent and suntan not
(I can just imagine this person holding a skull stencil on their arm outside on a hot day)

And finally...

How can you not ejaculate early
(Actual Answer:"When your drilling your girlfriend just pretend shes your mother")


Paige said...

Ok... that made me giggle.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Who thinks of their parents during "that" situation? Gross!

The Film Geek said...

Terrific post! Made me laugh.

All Click said...

Paige: Made me giggle too!

EW: Hopefully no-one! I'll be sure to check out your Friday's secrets though to double check!

TFG: Glad you liked it. I'll probably do more next week.

Chris James said...

One word: baseball stats

Paul said...

Baseball stats? Nah. Just get married. Then you wont' have to worry about it because you'll always be alone when it happens.

Chris James said...

Erm, two words, I mean...