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24 March, 2010

Dear Verizon,

Dear Verizon,

Please, please please stop showing your commercials for 3G coverage (with your annoying slogan of "There's a map for that") in West Virginia. Firstly, it's just plain misleading. Secondly, you see that big ole white space in the eastern part of the state? Yep, that's West Virginia. So please give it a rest.




Chris James said...

I'm sick of that "Big Red" parody of the 80s gum commercial that they show 234234783 times during every GD episode of of anything on hulu.

I think you've stumbled onto a new rejected state slogan "West Virginia: That Big Ol' White Space."

Neurotic Atty said...

Amen, brother!

Paul said...

Ah, only in WV could you have a road named The Technology Corridor that doesn't have cell service over most stretches.

Melissa said...

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