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19 March, 2010

Decisions, decisions

It's Friday which means Pizza night at my house but what a dilemma I have on my hands today...Papa John's AND Pizza Hut both offering any pizza, any crust, any topping for $10! Chris James, please tell me what to do!!

(P.s. don't tell me to get a Domino's instead because they closed the one near me just to later release a new recipe and taunt me personally).


Paige said...

I love Pizza Hut but it's become the Holy Grail of pizzas since they don't deliver to our house anymore.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think Papa John's sauce tastes weird. I hope you went with Pizza Hut. :-)

All Click said...

Thanks for the votes ladies..unfortunately I went for Papa Johns...well actually, I enjoyed it :-) Our Papa Johns usually does a good job but what gave them the edge was that I use their online ordering more than Pizza hut (if they have one) so I could order it quicker!

And I love ordering pizza online. I also got a side of cheese sticks which were delicious.

Chris James said...

The new Domino's pizzas pwns them all.

I'll eventually get around to reviewing them.