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01 October, 2010

End of the week

It's Friday and another week draws to a close for me and all in all I'm ready for a nice long rest Saturday morning. Trouble is I'm getting up bright and early to participate in my first ever yard sale, as a yard seller. It's excitement and dread all rolled up into one as I'm sure I'll have to be up before dawn in time to hear the crack. Still, I'm curious as to how it will go. Will we sell a lot? Will there be "professional" yard sale buyers there before we are set up to get a look at our wares? Will old ladies barter me down from $10 for a television set to 50 cents and still complain about the prices?
"Hmm...Da Vinci you say? I'll give you a dollar"


Bad news: My little space heater than I love is now a little cold air blower. I still enjoy the noise but my feet are getting cold.

Worse news: We took Sydney and Oliver to the vet this week for their 4th booster shot and rabies and bordatella. Oliver is doing great but Sydney has had chronic diarrhea...basically since we got him. They were both in a pretty rough state so we assumed it was stress, or change in diet, or just a kitten thing but the vet seemed a little concerned that it still hasn't cleared up. The worst possible scenario is that he has Feline Coronavirus or FECV (or FoCv I think) and that could lead to FIP which is incurable and fatal. Typically once you get the FIP diagnosis you may only have a few weeks to a few days. He is otherwise healthy. He eats, sleeps, plays and gets into trouble so I am hoping it is simply the best case scenario: He is simply allergic to something in his diet. The vet didn't say this or suggest it but after some research I decided that the least we could do is try to change his diet and see what happens.

We have to wait a week after his vaccines before he can have a blood test as the vet recommended that we knock him out first. That way he won't panic and fidget while they are drawing blood AND they can neuter him at the same time. Man, I'd hate to be a cat. Even after the blood test FIP is very hard to diagnose so just keep your fingers crossed that he turns out ok. Here's a picture for those who like to visualize:


Do you ever sleep so soundly that you don't even move in your bed? You can usually tell as you'll wake up with deep creases along your arms or face. Ever have to go to a meeting wearing a short sleeve shirt and forget that your arms look like you have some weird disease due to the said deep arm creases? I don't recommend it.

Happy Weekend.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sydney is absolutely breathtaking gorgeous. I hope he is OK. You don't want to switch their food around too much, but have you tried IAMS Kitten? You can also mix canned pumpkin (not the pie filling type) and rice and see if that helps. I'll be sending good thoughts your way!

All Click said...

Thanks! We have been trying to get pumpkin for a long time but I think there is some national shortage on. Hopefully that should change pretty quick.

Raquel's World said...

Sorry about the cat. I hope everything is okay :(