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22 November, 2010

A sincere apology

It's nice to see in today's modern world that people still send cards and can express their true and honest feelings not through the medium of computers but the old fashioned "sending a greeting card" way. It was with such warmth in my heart that I decided to take a peek at a greeting card I found stuffed between the drivers seat in a rental car I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I first assumed it had needed to be mailed but soon realised it was already open and obviously the recipient had decided it wasn't worth keeping. With no real way to send it back to the owner I thought I'd take a looksie:

Aww. Maybe this will be a love note! How juicy! Someone has been on their mind.

You will always be an important person to me? Aww. This is turning out to be such a sweet card. It must be two lovers. Maybe two friends who have drifted apart recently. Anyone else think that "Enjoy one another's company" is a thinly veiled euphemism? Let's see the hand written part.

Wait, what??


Raquel's World said...

Huh? I too am confused. I can see the card made a real impact with it being left in the car and all.

Neurotic Atty said...

Wow. First of all, she admits that the apology is "long past due" and that she made "ugly" and "untrue" comments on FB. Then she doesn't even have the decency to apologize in person -- she does it with a card?! Oh, how I wish I knew the back story on sounds pretty good!

All Click said...

I accepted the 21st century-ish stick situation of posting ugly comments on a facebook wall but what really tickled me was the fact it was his Aunt that did it! Plus, I loved the juxtaposition of the childish actions (the posting of untrue ugly comments) against the quite elegant apology note.