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06 December, 2010

A question of "Jerk-facedness"

So, let's say you come up with a great idea. You put a lot of time into the idea and think it's awesome. You share it with someone. Then a few months down the line everyone is using your idea but no-one can remember where the idea came from. Is it jerk-facedness to point out to everyone it was your idea in the first place and therefore everyone should bathe in your awesomeness?

I find it a difficult conundrum. I honestly do not like talking about my accomplishments or cool things I have been fortunate enough to do unless I'm flat out asked about it or I'm with company who know I'm not a self-obsessed jerk-face. Yet, in the work environment in the US it seems that if you don't promote yourself no-one else is looking after your back. It also seems pretty common to hear folk talking about themselves in flattering ways in everyday conversation around these parts so maybe I should join in.

However, I tend to think that if I have to tell everyone how awesome I am, I'm probably not all that awesome....

(but actually I am!)



The Film Geek said...


Raquel's World said...

Sing your praises!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

The Evil Twin won't do it for himself, so I toot his horn (and that's not code for anything "kinky"). I almost said "seedy", but then changed my mind. It was too much double entendre.