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08 August, 2007

The Weather

I thought I'd choose a subject that everyone likes to talk about for my first post in a little while. The Weather. I'm a big fan of talking about the weather. I'm not really an meteorologist, nor do I even watch or read the weather that often, and I rarely ever have the weather channel on (it always gives me my "local" forecast for Culloden, which I haven't even heard of) I just always think it's a perfectly fine starting place for a conversation. I don't know why it gets such a bad rap. Talking about the weather can lead to (in a conversation) a story of the hottest ever summer, or that time the snow came and I had to sleep in my car, or even a discussion about global warming. It is whom you speak to and what they have to say about the weather that really tells me a lot about the person. Either they blow it off, "yep it's hot out there" and throw you a conversation stopper, or they may reply "yep, and did you feel that breeze last night? I was out on the porch watering my plants and...". So, don't be afraid just to talk about the weather, it might bring some sunshine to your day.

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