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06 March, 2008

March Madness

Well I haven't posted a single blog post in March! And here we are on the 6th already. Whilst waiting for an appointment to begin I thought I would check in with my blog and at least have something new to look at when I load up my own page. I have been pretty distracted thinking about a bunch of different things and idea and activities and have had less time to make witty observations about the world, America and West Virginia which is a shame.

I was reminded this week that a new experience for me since I entered the states was the "visit to the vet". Now I've never had any pets before. Both my brothers are terrified of cats and dogs and so that kinda ruled out any pets that needed any significant attention. We had a couple of goldfish I seem to remember and a hamster called "Harry" that lasted less than a year and was surprisingly unfriendly. But I've always loved animals and so am delighted to spend time with my current adopted cats. So, going to the vet was a new one to me. I have to say it's probably the most entertaining waiting room I've ever been in despite smelling the worst. We waited for about an hour as other pets went through like the young cat who had lost most of its ears from jumping into an oven and then having the burnt parts nibbled off by it's mother and giant dogs called "Thor" who really didn't want to be there.

It went fine which was a relief for us. And the cat got a treat for going too.

I can't really report whether culturally it is any different. The people in the waiting room were friendly but I suspect that that is usually due to a animal loving personality rather than anything else. Still that's one more new experience to add to the list. Now I just need to find me a "hollow".

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

Seriously, you need to visit "The Mystery Hole" if you haven't already. Google it. And yes, vet waiting rooms are generally friendly because the folks there all love their pets and pet loving people are nice.