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17 March, 2008

A return from the city: Amtrak.

Well I spent the last few days chilling out in the Big Apple. Well actually I didn't get to do that much chilling. But I had a great time. I'll probably write some more on the experience in a few days time when I'm caught up on sleep. I travelled by train and here are some train related revelations from my trip:

1. If you go by train you can travel through 7 states in one day.

2. Getting a chance to sleep laying down, in the dark, in the quiet, on a bed on a 13 hour trip is great.

3. Train food ain't that bad.

4. Train bathrooms are.

5. The most scenic part of the journey is here in good ole WV (of course).

6. After leaving the train you'll spend at least 12 hours feeling like your still rocking.

7. Having a toilet in your train room sounds like a better idea than it is.


RedZeppelin said...

I've always wanted to take a train trip, but I fear the romance of the idea would fall far short of the reality.

I recently looked into an Amtrak trip to Philly and I was a bit shocked at the cost. For just a bit more you can fly and be there in a fraction of the time.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a matter of whether or not you want the journey to be part of the fun ... or just a means to get to where the fun starts.

Travelling by train can be relaxing and enjoyable (two things I've only experienced on a plane when I've been in first class and even then the trip from start to finish is never relaxing). And on some trips, NY for example, it only takes a few hours longer to arrive by train when you factor in having to arrive at the airport extra early to get through security, having a layover for a connecting flight and any delays.

If you just want to get somewhere more than a couple of state borders away as quickly as possible, it's tough to beat travelling by plane. If you want to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed having enjoyed some scenic views along the way, travelling by train is a great alternative to have.