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13 May, 2008


Well I am way behind on blogging. After having an insanely hectic two weeks and a birthday I just haven't had the time or motivation to get a decent blog post out! I have a brief respite this week and then am probably going to be super busy again for the foreseeable future. Over the past couple of weeks, however, I have had time to watch Ironman. It was surprisingly excellent. Robert Downey Jr. was a perfect Stark and the improvisation he was allowed to bring to the film really helped the script stand out. It's up at about $150 million in ticket sales from two weeks at number one. Not too shabby considering there are a few big, tasty movies coming up. Including the new Indy flick May 22nd. You may not have noticed that one. However, anyone who has been to the store recently and wandered up the cereal aisle probably saw a thousand Indiana Jones faces staring back. There is even a special "Indiana Jones" cereal. I stuck with my bran flakes but I did stand staring at the box as I weighed a bag of sand in my hand.

I hope y'all West Virginians enjoy your voting today. Remember lil folks like me who are unable to vote and make a difference in my community. I don't really know who I would vote for anyway. Probably who ever had the funniest TV advert...i.e. not Menis Ketchum. Maybe that dude from the "Menace" Ketchum adverts though. Ramble over.

Note: Thanks to everyone who wished me luck with my interview. It went really well. I was expecting a group interview around a table but I coped and put on my most charming accent and threw in a couple of big, British words.


I_Heart_Indy said...

Sorry ... I started daydreaming after you mentioned Indiana Jones. What was that about voting?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

People here like to hear the British accents. I bet you get asked where are you from a lot.

RedZeppelin said...

Happy belated birthday!