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23 May, 2008


Sounds like the Governor had a rough day yesterday. His helicopter had to make an emergency landing shortly after take off, reports. He is safe and well and there isn't really that much to the story...but the comments are priceless. Whoever came up with the idea that the public could give their own opinion about the news deserves a medal. I was tempted to say "Engine light? It was probably low-fuel." or "If the Governor is a pilot, why is he paying a pilot to pilot?". I titled this post "Breschgate" as the comments allude to the scandal and because there hasn't been a "-gate" thrown into the stories about the scandal. Is it not the done thing over here? Perhaps it should be WVUgate. Or Free Degree gate. Though that sounds a little bit too much like these guys:


MountainLaurel said...

I"ve heard it called "heathergate" and "daughtergate."

All Click said...

ahh yes "Heathergate" I did hear that one after I posted this.