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21 September, 2009

Quit bugging me

I've never really been much of a fan of insects. I don't mind the slow moving, kinda neat ones but anything that stings, flies in my face or generally likes to land on my skin is something that must be swatted away. I think this summer war has been raged against me on behalf of the insect kingdom. Probably due to years of provocation from me and also due to the fact I uttered the phrase (outside, none the less) that I "rarely ever get bitten". After this year I am retiring that phrase.

This year a mere trip the trash can out side will result in something eating at my skin. Sometimes it's a vulnerable bare piece of arm. At other times it's a hidden spot on my foot. As I prepare to don my HAZ-MAT suit and run outside to my car I offer a truce, a peace and a white flag to all the insects and bitey-things of the world.

Bug(ger) off please.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

The mosquitoes have been terrible this year. Usually when I get bitten, it just leaves an itchy spot, but this year, they are raised places that itch like a demon.

All Click said...

I don't think it helps that I live next to a standing body of water either.

My last bite became raised and itched, so I put some bite spray on it and it felt better. Then the next day it was viably gone but it still itched like a mofo.