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29 November, 2009

Checked out till Christmas

Is it just because I'm not used to Thanksgiving "holiday" or does it always completely sap any energy left for working? It's Sunday evening now after the holiday and I'm frankly just ready to put my feet up...or rather keep my feet up till Christmas and maybe intersperse that with a few trips to CV for some stocking stuffers. There is at least full three weeks of work to get through so I need to buck it up and get my head down and hopefully I'll find the strength and determination as my alarm springs into life tomorrow morning.

In the meantime "Sunday Evening Allclick" will keep his feet up and let "Monday Morning Allclick" deal with the motivation problem.


The Film Geek said...

It's not just you...all of the US dogs it the final 5 weeks of the year. Except me, of course. :)

Paul said...

As TFG said, it's not just you.

Between people shopping on Amazon during work, a lunchroom full of snacks sent by clients, Christmas (yeah, I said it) music on desk radios, and semi-empty offices due to sales people being out on more appointments*, it feels like a holiday all month long leading up to Christmas.

*By appointments I mean goofing off.