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20 November, 2009

Notes from a conference

Just some observations and musing about a conference I was away at this week:

1. I can't stand smarmy business guys who hang out at the hotel bar late at night, talk loudly and laugh louder, are still dressed in their work shirts and then walk around like they own the place. Give it a rest fellas and stop trying to pretend that you hang out at bars all the time and not just when you are away from the wife and kids for 3 days a year at a conference.

2. Speaking to strangers sounds better in practice than in reality. People are weird.

3. Speech Pathologists seem to be very angry people.

4. If a presenter has to read everything on their powerpoint out loud then they should reconsider presenting.

5. Free coffee and muffins should be a must.

6. Seats that are uncomfortable after 30 mins are not any more comfortable after an hour and 15 minutes.

7. Smart/Business casual does not equal "Jeans and a tee".

8. All hotels should have free wifi or at least a reasonable rate i.e. not $9.95 a day.

9. A presentation doesn't have to have humour in it. But it sure helps.


Paul said...

Wow, having just been to a conference a couple of months ago I can relate to all of those peeves. Conferences are like Jimmy Buffet concerts with PowerPoints -- full of people who really need to get out more.

But at least we had free coffee and muffins.

Paige said...

I totally agree! Especially with #4 and #8. I would also amend #5 to read coffee, tea, and/or soda. I prefer my caffeine in forms other than coffee and I feel I deserve the right to be as highly caffeinated as everyone else.

The Film Geek said...

Well said, my friend.

By the way...Speech Pathologists are angry because they consider themselves medical professionals with knowledge that overlaps into the fields of psychology and human behavior, but they ain't. So they're insecure in that crowd. And angry. Very, very angry.