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27 November, 2009

Graffiti (With pictures!)

Graffiti - The plural of "graffito" (honest...look it up!) is perhaps the greatest oldest and greatest medium for sharing ones personal views to the rest of the world/bathroom. Although twitter has replaced it in the digital age there are still such gems as these to be found on..say..the men's restroom wall in the Waffle Hut in Flatwoods, WV.

I can't quite tell if this was written by one person who likes Obama and so wrote his name on a bathroom wall, or someone who hates or Obama and wrote his name and then put the line through it. Or was there a second scribbler who decided to add the line through and then try to scratch out the "A". He must dislike the President AND vowels.

The only other piece of graffito on the wall was this swastika and again I'm left wondering: Is it a man who doesn't like swastikas or simply sign in the same vein as "No smoking"?


Neurotic Atty said...

Ah, Braxton County... I was disappointed when I drove home this week (passing through Braxton County on the interstate) and found that someone had "scratched out" the graffiti on one of the overpasses that said, "[So-and-so] is a faget!"

All Click said...

There is also a bridge stating "I love you Bou" on the North side ;-)

Paul said...

You should have written "Illinois" under the swastika.

"I hate Illinois Nazis."