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10 January, 2010

Avatar: All Flash, no bang

Well, I braved a cold evening last night with lady Allclick and went to see the 10pm showing of Avatar. There isn't much more to add to the multiple reviews about this movie except to say that I wasn't wowed. According to other reviewers that must be because I came with the wrong expectations. I think that it's because James Cameron forgot to actually write an original story. The movie is visually amazing and the 3D is supercool but I wanted more from a movie with such hype. I wanted at least a sub-plot or twist or surprise or something unconventional . Instead we are given a plot which unfolds exactly as you would expect. Still at least you can enjoy the visuals.


Paige said...

I so totally agree. I did not want to see it. I'm a story person and I know it. The big effects and stuff do nothing for me. But Not-So-Ex was interested and we had gotten movie gift certificates for Christmas so we went. I seriously considered a nap at one point and I NEVER nap at the movies!

Paul said...

Lack of surprise doesn't necessarily make for a bad movie to me. It's rare that a movie plot genuinely surprises me. That said, I'm disappointed that Avatar didn't wow you a bit more. I'm still curious about it.