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21 January, 2010

Goodbye Coco

Farewell Coco. We hardly knew thee.

Couldn't this all have been prevented if Leno simply said "Ok, my 10pm show kinda sucked, I'm heading back to my garage to play with my cars." Instead of saying "Tonight Show? Sure I'll take that back, whose that O'Brially fellow again?".

So, what is next for Conan? Fox at 11pm? According to his agreement with NBC he won't be able to do a show again until September. I wonder if that will exclude any online productions. I'd love to see him team up with Will Ferrell on where he can do the comedy he wants rather than the toned down version he resorted to or was forced to do on the Tonight Show.

Tom Hanks is on tonight I think and Will Ferrell tomorrow, should be good.


Paige said...

That just sucks!

Paul Higginbotham said...

While I find it difficult to feel sorry for someone who just received a $44 million severance package, Conan indeed got the shaft. NBC couldn't have screwed up that situation more if they had tried.

The Film Geek said...

He was treated in an undignified manner. Leno, a hack comic who stole his best bits from Letterman two decades ago, should die and go to Hell.