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18 January, 2010

The Golden Globes

In case you didn't see it or hear it or read it Avatar won best Drama at the golden globes. I yawned and complained that the Hurt Locker didn't win as it really did deserve it.

I was very glad to see Michael C Hall pick up the award for best actor in a TV series. After being nominated 4 years running it's about time he was recognized. I'm shoulder deep into season 3 right now (so don't tell me about season 4 and how good John Lithgow is please!) and just love the show.

Overall an entertaining evening and dare I say it, had more kick to it than the Oscars did last year.


Paige said...

I was so irritated by the whole Avatar-loving theme. But I was happy to see a lot of great series get attention, Dexter included. I'm actually starting to catch up on season 4 tonight.

Paul Higginbotham said...

I avoid award shows like they were on Fox News, but Weird Al had the best line (tweet, actually) of the evening:

"I can't wait to see this "Abidah" movie Schwarzenegger was talking about on the Golden Globes."