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15 March, 2009

12 days and nothing

It's been a while so I posted on the ole blog so thought I'd at least put something up here to show I'm still in the world of the living. Things have been pretty hectic in Allclick's world so am waiting for things to calm down before I get back into having time to write about stuff. I will say that Watchmen kicked ass. I was delighted to be able to watch it with the guy who introduced me to the graphic novel, The Film Geek. I hope that those who haven't read the novel can get enjoyment out of the movie as well. Next movie on the list is Terminator: Salvation.


The Film Geek said...

'Twas a lot of fun
Although we sat side by side
In the theater

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Do I have to leave a haiku comment too? No? Good then. I'm glad you checked in! I've missed you.

Jackie said...

Man Rule #4
Must use the "Not A Fag" seat
Watchmen kicked ass though

All Click said...

TFG & Jackie: There ain't nothing wrong with sitting next to another dude during the movies! Sharing popcorn and a drink ain't cool though. 'Spesh with one straw.

ETW: Thanks! I hope I will be here more often!