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17 March, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's day

Hope y'all had a good one! I didn't get to drink any Guinness (thankfully) or green beer but still had a lovely day soaking up that sun! Now don't you all forget St. George's day (23rd April). I expect to see everyone wearing bowler hats or drinking umm Newcastle brown ale and eating Heinz Beans.

Which reminds me. Anyone see Watchmen yet? The beans that Rorschach eats in Daniel house are Heinz in the Comic but clearly not Heinz in the movie. How disappointing.


Paul Higginbotham said...

I found Guinness Draught on sale at Kroger the other day so I drank enough for both of us.

I'll mark April 23rd on my calendar and buy some Newcastle Brown ahead of time.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'll be too hungover on Apr. 23 to celebrate anything (my birthday is Apr. 22). I don't think Heinz makes beans that are distributed here in the US. Only condiments and stuff.

All Click said...

PH: Thanks mate! I don't really like the "black stuff" anyway, so I'm glad you managed to drink mine for me!

ETW: Thankfully my local Kroger imports in Heinz beans from England ;-) Although I usually use Kroger vegetarian (thanks to a tip from Spike) as it is about $3 cheaper!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

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