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14 May, 2009

Obviously a slow week in Wales

I was just browsing the BBC news website when I noticed this set of headlines:A "very large bomb", "Scot soldiers", "girl's killer" and.... a snake that went missing under a bookcase?? How I miss the Welsh.


Chris James said...

I think it is funny how, due to the relative small geographic size of the UK and the centralized nature of the TV news in the country, the Beeb is always covering stuff that would be the domain of WSAZ here. When I'm trying to find the only quality English-language coverage of Mongolian elections, I'll often notice stuff like "M 69 crash kills goat."

The Spike said...

'Head intimately examined pupil'. the head of what, intimately examined what part of a pupil? I know the Welsh are short of things to do, but that's ridiculous.

Still, I suppose that big news stops them talking about that time a lightbulb blew. I'm not saying the Welsh are starved of entertainment, but when I called up the cinema in Caerphilly to ask what time the film started, the manager asked "what time can you get here?" Of course, when I got there, the place was empty. All the residents were too busy watching the traffic lights change from red to green and back to red again.