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27 November, 2007

40 winks

Sleep always seems to be an exciting topic for everyone. Most do not get enough, some love it, some hate it, some like naps, others last till the evening. We all gotta have it though. My thought today is "what amount of sleep can make a difference?" That's about the best I can phrase it but I'll explain...

I love hitting the snooze button. I like to view the first time an alarm goes off to get up as a practise or a reminder that I have to get up soon as it's morning. It's painfully difficult to get up at the first beep. I used to purposely set my alarm early so that I could get in this period of snoozing but what good does this actually do? Instead of snoozing, I could have slept for those extra 10 mins but would that have made me feel more rested and relaxed? It certainly seems to feel better just to snooze it out.

We tend to sleep in 4 hour cycles of light and deep sleep (if my memory serves me correctly) and so does it really matter if I wake up 20 mins before those 4 hours are complete? or will 10 do me just as well? What about if I wake up after only 7 hours? Will my head explode? Experience tells me no but I guess the mystery of sleep continues.


jedijawa said...

Circadian rhythms are tricky things. I find that it helps me to wake up in stages. And when push comes to shove I use a backup alarm.

Rebecca Burch said...

Sleep... I remember what that was like... vaguely.

That's that thing you do before children, right?

All Click said...

Jedi: Circadian Rhythms..that was the phrase I was looking for! lol Backup Alarm is always good. Have you noticed how difficult it is to fine a "nice" alarm sound?

Rebecca: It's that period just before children and then about 13 years later when they want to sleep later than you.