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09 November, 2007

Flash game creation

Anyone who knows my gaming habits will probably know that I like to play flash games. Occasionally a few show up on my blog, especially ones I have tried and tested and they have gained my seal of approval. One of my aims is to actually MAKE a flash game. I have attempted on a few occasions to learn some basic flash. I do OK with the tutorial, usually spotting my mistakes and correcting file locations or invalid code. The problem I find is adapting it to my needs, and then as soon as I can't find out what to do next, I usually give up. But this morning I have been spurred by discovering a point and click game (well two of them) designed by a 16 year old boy. Man, if this kid can do it then surely I can figure it out. So, the quest begins today. Anyone who searches for flash game tutorial, or game creation and finds this, feel free to drop me some pointers!

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