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09 November, 2007

And back to the blogging...

Well, things have eased off a little, so I'm going to take some time this dreary Friday morning to post some of my thoughts from the past week or so. Starting with the fact that Monday was Fireworks night! Understandably not a tradition over here, but still a day that I think would fit in perfectly. Why only have firework displays on July 4th? I mean the sun doesn't go down for agggeeess. At least by November 5th it's dark by 6pm so you can enjoy an early display with the family and be home for a hot toddy or a cup of cocoa. Firework night is always a time for family get togethers but without the pressure of the other major holidays. There is no cooking involved (although, my grandma did used to make a mean toffee...that had to be dropped from a two storey window before you could actually break off a piece to eat), there is no table to sit around resulting in semi-awkward silences with that uncle-you-only-see-twice-a-year-and-don't-really-like-that-much-anyway-as-he-is-married-into-the-family-and-your-aunt-was-doing-much-better-with-that-other-guy-she-was-dating-before-him, there is no disappoint from a lack of gifts, or bad gifts, or someone being a poor host. It really has a lot of benefits. It just involves the family, going out and spending time together, outside, away from technology and stresses and enjoying something almost magical. The kids can't even run away because it's so dark they don't know where they are going (I was always made to wear a glow stick so I could be spotted easily), and they often want to huddle up to mom or dad just to stay warm.

Any other benefits to this day? Why, yes! My half-birthday, which I fully recognize, accept and celebrate as much as I can. It just happens that everyone else celebrates with me and a dozen fireworks.


The Film Geek said...

Happy half-birthday!!

jedijawa said...

Half-birthday? Okay. That's a cool picture dude.