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10 October, 2007

Can you change a Million?

I read this story with some interest this week. A man tried to use a $1 million dollar bill to buy his groceries at a supermarket. I particularly like the part when he goes into a rage about it as if that was actually going to help him any. What was he doing at supermarket anyway with that kinda money? I'd at least try and buy something WORTH a a house or something. They are probably not used to seeing cash at the Realtors so maybe he could have got away with it. What made this even more interesting was that Ms. AllClick and I had debated two days previously about the existence of a $1 million dollar bill and where you could spend it! It kinda spooked me out..and it's not even Halloween yet.


Rebecca Burch said...

That is HILARIOUS! I guess if you're going to try to pull something off, do it big!

All Click said...

hehe yer it made me laugh!

Did you see I added you to my links on the right?? You lucky lucky thing!