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30 October, 2007

How to tell if a deer has been in your yard

One of my local papers (the Kanawha Valley Clipper) offers these helpful hints to help you check to see if there have been deer in your yard:
1. There may be rub marks on tress, where bucks have rubbed their antlers to mark their territory. Yes, missing bark on the tree may mean there are deer there.
2. Torn vegetation is "another telltale sign". Deer do not have incisor teeth and therefore rip the vegetation. OK, some torn leaves, probably not that easy to spot though, plus didn't you tear that whole side of the bush with that lawnmower?
3." If the damage is above 6 feet then that rules out small animals", or small kids I guess.
4. "Deer tracks, shaped like broken hearts and about 2-3 inches long". Of course! Tracks, that are made by a deer are a sure sign that a deer made them.
5. There's a deer still in your yard. (ok ok I made this one up).

Happy deer spotting!


Spike Nesmith said...

Next week, they should do "how to tell if there's an elephant in your fridge".

1) You can't get your bike in.

All Click said...

I think they ran that article last month, sorry Spike!