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02 October, 2007

Time for a rant...

Well, you may have seen my previous post about the water situation in Hurricane. It's getting pretty bad. In fact, it is so bad now that there are "trucking in water". I'm not sure if this is a turn of phrase or actual trucks but either way it's an apparent justification to raise water prices. Again. I'm pretty annoyed about it. In fact thinking about it too long just makes me feel sick inside. I mean it sounds reasonable. There is no water in the reservoir and so more must be brought in which is going to cost more money. What really gets me is that they must have known for at least 3 months that this was going to happen. The reservoir has looked pretty empty for a while now but there has been no water bans. I think I first heard about one last weekend and I'm not even entirely sure what the ban was on! I've still seen people out washing there cars and plants with hoses. A water ban would have helped the reservoir and kept resident's water bills lower. The other thing that gets me is the lack of preparation for the water running out. It seems like they waited to the last minute to find a solution and the solution is: Raise prices. They should have made preparations months ago using the money they already have, not jack up the price at the last minute because they failed to act. I can feel a sense a strongly worded letter heading towards the Hurricane council members, and while I write it I'll be dancing for the rain to come.

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Rebecca said...

This happened in Fairmont in February. There was one week where most people had NO water (we had a little, enough to flush toilets, but it was not suitable for anything else). Then two more weeks of low pressure and no water in higher elevations. They tried to convince everyone that one morning, the water was mysteriously gone, then a few weeks later....that it came back.

Oh, and a few months after that we got a very pleasant "Oh yeah, we failed an inspection last year and forgot to notify everyone like we're legally required to do. Sorry about that" letter.

Now they are raising rates.

What other business could get away with providing crappy service and still raising prices?