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18 January, 2008

8 days

Wow, 8 days since I made a blog post! My apologies! It's been a hectic week so please forgive me. I'm sure next week will be busy too but I aim to get a few more posts completed before at least the end of January. Perhaps I should have added "more blogging" to my list of new year resolutions. That would also have to include reading blogs as I have also neglected this over the last 8 days. I hope I didn't miss anything too important.

You will be pleased to know that my resolutions are still going strong. Well at least some of them are. I'm 90% through my first short story and am taking part in more exercise that I did 19 days ago. I hear it takes about 4 weeks for a routine to stick so I better keep at it.

Till next time.


The Film Geek said...

Congrats on the new routines. And please, more bloggin'. :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I was wondering where ya been? Glad you're back!

All Click said...

TFG: Thanks! I'm trying to stick to them.

ETW: Nice to know i've been missed. I should have some quality posts posted some time this week :-)

jennyville said...

Good work!

The exercise thing will stick pretty soon, I promise. I've only been doing it for a few weeks and already I couldn't imagine not going to the gym straight after work. Are you going to post your short story when it's done?