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30 January, 2008

Weekend Conundrum

It's mid week but I'm already thinking about the weekend. One has to plan ahead! This time of year always seems to be a lull at the movies and this week is no different. I plan on seeing a matinee but I'm left with few options. I have narrowed it down to four:

1. Juno - Comedy/Drama - Tipped for a few Oscars and gets a great rating on imdb. Plus: It's a comedy. Minus: It's a drama.
2. Untraceable - Crime/Thriller - Looks like an average thriller. Should be a good pace but has had questionnable reviews.
3. Strange Wilderness - Comedy - Saw the online trailer for this movie with Steve Zahn and laughed hard. The TV advert isn't so hot. It has Steve Zahn in though. Probably going to be incredibly silly. Steve Zahn features.
4. The Eye - Horror/Thriller - A remake of a Chinese film should spell success. I'm not so sure Alba can pull this one off though. Has a great premise but I really doubt this will deliver.

So, please, I'd like to hear suggestions. I'm leaning towards Juno (so I can be more prepared to shout at my TV during the Oscars) or Strange Wilderness so I can laugh a lot.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

If I went to the theatre these days, I'd check out Juno. It looks funny and I've heard a lot about the girl who plays Juno.

Rebecca Burch said...

I'm dying to see Juno because a lot of my students have seen it and said it was really funny. These are adolescents and teens, though... so sometimes what they think is funny is just annoying to me. It looks pretty cute, though...

All Click said...

ETW: Thanks for the input! I think it will probably be Juno. It's probably the classy thing to do.

RB: The cuteness factor worries me slightly! I think it's getting approval from all age groups so maybe it's worth a shot!

Rebecca Burch said...

Some of the teachers say it's pretty cool, too. I think I'm gonna like it.

Jackie said...

Juno sucks huge, turd-shaped monkey balls.

Do. Not. See. It. We wasted a rare "kid-free" night out on this "movie".

Seriously. It's for old people.

All Click said...

Jackie: Well I'm glad I didn't end up seeing it this weekend! Was it not even mildly amusing??

moneytastesbad said...

I thought it was good in the same sense that Little Miss Sunshine was good.

My favorite line from Juno

"being pregnant makes me have to piss like Seabiscut!"

Rebecca Burch said...

Ahahahaha! And I know the sentiment, too.

Jackie said...

Not for me. My theory is old people like it because they like to think it's "hip and edgy". Young people like it because...well, they're stupid.

Maybe people my age are just too smart to fall for shit-dialogue and "Lifetime-esque" melodrama.

Hey, you asked! :D

All Click said...

Haha! I appreciate every single comment especially the brutally honest ones :D